Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Texifornia Tamale Co.- Blue Jay

Texifornia Tamale Co.
27226 State Highway 189
Blue Jay
Closed Mondays
Tues-Thurs 11am-8pm
Fri-Sat 11:30am-9pm
Sun 11:30am-8pm

     There is something that happens to your taste buds, when smoky spicy brisket in a blanket of cheese wrapped in a toasty tortilla hits your mouth. Bringing the flavor of Texas, the traditions of Mexico and the presentation of California is what Texifornia is all about. Blue Jay is located about 10-15 minutes from Crestline in the San Bernardino Mountains. Texifornia sits in the back of the Jensen's parking lot in the far left corner. They have a dining area encased in windows and an open seating/waiting area when you first walk in. Texifornia has a few different dining styles. During their lunch hours food is served to-go in biodegradable containers, however you are more than welcome to stay and eat your food. During dinner hours it is traditional table service.
Chips and Salsa
Tamales with beans and Mexican Tortilla Soup
     The menu was very intriguing. It took a little while to finally decide on our order, because I wanted to get way too many things. We finally came to an agreement. A tamale "box" that comes with soup or salad, chorizo refried beans, and two tamales. We chose Mexican tortilla soup, a jalapeno cheese tamale and a smoked pork tamale. Then we ordered a variety Taco Trio (one chicken, one angus brisket, and one smoked pork) which is accompanied by their poblano rice and chorizo refried beans. We also got the angus brisket quesadilla. You're served chips and salsa in an attractive serving dish that holds two kinds of salsa, one green and one red. Their salsas are both made with fire roasted veggies. The green was my favorite, spicy and tangy, even a slight smokiness. The red was also very flavorful. They serve a wide variety of bottled beers, bottled Coca Cola, and homemade lemonade. 
Angus Brisket Quesadilla  (with salsa and sour cream)
     When all of the food was brought to the table, my eyes instantly gravitated to the Angus brisket quesadilla. The tortilla was grilled and brisket was popping out of the sides. One bite was all it took. I've never really understood Texas BBQ, but within moments the brisket made perfect sense. Texifornia has the ability to hit so many cuisine styles in a single bite. The brisket is simply amazing. Any dish on the menu ordered with the brisket will be a success. Their beans and rice are very unique and equally delicious. The tamales are not made with a traditional masa, but with a flavor-packed roasted corn masa, which truly just compliments the fillings even more. The Mexican Tortilla Soup served with the tamales was very good. It was topped with cheese and the hot soup melted it and added an incredible creaminess to the soup. The tacos were fresh and all of the meats were good, but of course the brisket was the table favorite. 
Taco Trio with rice and beans
     Texifornia is a diamond in the rough for sure. In a town with very little appetizing options and in a building that isn't found unless your looking for it, this gem leaves a taste in your mouth that you never want to lose. The owners are friendly and give off a "chill" attitude, the place is tiny but well kept and the food is delicious. If you live in the mountains, this restaurant will easily replace all of the "usual" stops. If you're visiting the mountains, stop here first, last and in-between your trip. Either way Texifornia's cuisine will keep you coming back.

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